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Sunroc Builders has partnered with the Department of Energy (DOE) to build Zero Energy Homes in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida.
A Zero Energy home will produce the energy equal to the amount it consumes in a year. This is based on 4 Adults in a 3 Bedroom House, for example. Our Zero Energy Homes are still connected to the grid, in order to have a consistent supply of power. When excess power is generated by the home, it is fed into the grid. When not enough power is generated, the grid will supply the needed power. Overall, the system is designed to consume "Net" Zero Energy each year.
In addition to the energy efficiency, there are many more advantages of a DOE Certified Zero Energy Certified Home:

  • Lower environmental impact
  • Locked in Energy Price - No more Electricity Increases!
  • Improved indoor air quality and overall comfort
  • Higher Resale Value
  • Efficient water & hot water
  • Lower Cost of Ownership due to More Durable Construction Techniques
  • ENERGY STAR Appliances & Lighting
  • 3rd Party inspections

  • All of these benefits add up to home that is More Efficient, More Comfortable, More Durable and More Advanced than any other home available today.

    Zero Energy Home Plans:

    There are many home plans that are designed to be extremely energy efficient, located at Also, most standard home plans can be converted to a Zero Energy Home, during the Pre-Planning stage.

    A ZERO ENERGY Sunroc Builders Home has the following features:

    Solar Electric (PV) System

    Solar Electric (PV) System

  • Sized to Provide 100% of the Power Needed (For example, 4 adults in a 3 bedroom house)
  • PV (Photovoltaic) Electric Panels with 25-year warranty
  • AC/DC Inverter with 10-year warranty
  • Grid Tied - Your Utility will provide electicity when you need it, and give you credit when you generate excess
  • Building/Array Site Assessment (Shading Study, Array Location & Inclination)
  • Structural and Safety Considerations (Upgraded Trusses, Fall Protection)
  • Homeowner Education (RERH Checklist, Documentation of items above)
  • Lakeland Zero Energy Certified Homes

    DOE Zero Energy Ready Certified

    DOE Power of Zero Flyer

    DOE Zero Energy Certified Homes Notes

    The following Mandatory Requirements for DOE Zero Energy Certified Home Certification are Verified by a Third Party RESNET Inspector:

    1. Certified ENERGY STAR.
    2. Fenestration and Insulation meets or exceeds the latest ENERGY STAR and Building Codes.
    3. HVAC Ducts must be located within the home's air conditioned space.
    4. Hot Water delivery shall meet EPA's Watersense requirements.
    5. All Appliances must be ENERGY STAR, 80% of lighting fixtures are ENERGY STAR, and all ceiling & bathroom fans are ENERGY STAR.
    6. Certified under EPA Indoor airPLUS.
    7. Solar Power Certified.

    For more info follow these links:
  • Sunroc Builders DOE Profile
  • HERS Index 0

    HERS Ratings:

    HERS Ratings are performed by third party RESNET Certifiers to verify the construction quality and rate the energy useage of a new home. A home built to standard code is 100. An ENERGY STAR home is around 85. A SUNROC Builder's ZERO ENERGY Home is Zero or less.
  • Click here for an example HERS Rating for a NET Zero Energy Home.
  • Click here for a HERS Rating for a Zero Energy READY Home (No Solar Panels)
  • Click here for a Pre Annual Energy Summary for a NET Zero Energy Home.
  • Click here for Pre Annual Energy Summary for a Zero Energy READY Home.
    The HERS rater performs a blower door test, duct leakage test, measures air flows, and verifies construction practices and materials throughout the construction process, giving you piece of mind that the home is built to the highest standards.

    Blower Door Test & Duct Leakage Test

    HERS Rater Blower Door Test HERS Rater Blower Door Test

    For more info, follow this link:


    ENERGY STAR Certified

    ENERGY STAR HVAC Installed by a Certified Installer
    ENERGY STAR Windows & Doors
    Quality-Installed Insulation
    Fully-Aligned Air Barriers
    Reduced Thermal Bridging
    Air Sealing

    For more info, follow this link:

  • Water Conservation

    Water Saving Features

    High Efficiency Water Systems and Fixtures meeting EPA's WaterSense requirements
    Heat Pump Water Heater with On Demand Hot Water Circulation System
    Florida Friendly Landscaping

    For more info, follow these links:

  • EPA Indoor Air Plus

    EPA Indoor Air Plus Certified

    HVAC System Engineered with Filtered, Fresh Air Ventilation
    Low or No VOC Paints
    Cabinets that meet KCMA's Environmental Stewardship Council
    Precautions for Moisture Control
    No air handling equipment or ductwork installed in garage
    Minimum MERV 8 Filter

    For more info, follow this link:
  • Low Environmental Impact

    Low Environmental Impact

    To reduce the environmental impact of a Sunroc Builders Zero Energy Home, the environment is considered before, during and after construction.
    Before Construction, materials are selected based on environmental impact such as location and manufacturing techniques.
    During Construction, Low or No VOC construction materials are used, construction materials are minimized and/or recycled, and employees are trained in low environmental impact techniques.
    After Construction, By Generating 100% of the power needed for the home with PV, the environmental impact from one of our homes is minimal.
    Below is the Emissions Summary Calculated by the "Energy Gauge" Program developed by UCF's Florida Solar Energy Center, for a Sunroc Builders Zero Energy Home: (Click here for the full report)
  • SO2 = -0.84 Lbs
  • NOX = -0.39 Lbs
  • CO = -0.23 Tons

    For more info, follow this link:
  • Bonded Builders Energy Guarantee

    Energy Guarantee by Bonded Builders

    An exclusive new program available to builders who construct and certify homes that meet industry standards for energy efficiency such as HERS®, Energy Star, LEED or National Green Building Standard.
    The Residential Energy Guarantee from Bonded Builders Warranty Group is more than a promise, it’s a guarantee!
    For more info, follow this link: